Meet brand founder Kelly Marie Dunn... 

In 2013, a favorite best girlfriend from Kelly's hometown announced her pregnancy, inspiring her to want to gift that friend with fabulous items from her heart + hands. A self-taught seamstress, the first few pairs of baby slippers created for that sweet baby girl certainly had flaws, but after lots of revisions and with tons of cheerleading from loved ones, Kelly perfected her products and took them online shortly thereafter - which was origin of this small business.

Originally from beautiful Portland, Oregon, Kelly spent nearly 20 years in Los Angeles (a proud USC Trojan, and a single-letter made member of Delta Sigma Theta), and now resides in the gem of the American South: Atlanta, Georgia.

Before the Chic Black Greek brand became a full-time endeavor, she'd spent the entirety of her career in the business of music, as a talent manager + brand strategist. She still represents a small handful of world-class talent. Interested in that? More at kellymariedunn.com.

Fun facts: 1) Kelly once toured the world with Lady Gaga as a part of her management team; 2) in 2012, she was featured in a six-episode television docu-series called "Girlfriend Confidential: LA" - a show about four women in Hollywood, going hard to hustle for their dreams!

In 2020, pandemic circumstances created an immediate need for an expanded line of handmade items for the whole family. In April, the baby brand took a break to refocus efforts on the fabric face masks recommended by the CDC to keep the community safe. Since then, over 18k masks have sold and shipped to families, essential workers, and thoughtful neighbors across the country - all of which were handmade by Kelly and her business partner + brand co-owner + husband: Atlanta's very own, AJ (he's social media shy, y'all!). Today, each order is produced with love by this dedicated duo in their smoke-free, pet-free workshop. In support of other entrepreneurs and creatives, they do their best to pay it forward by purchasing textiles and supplies from other Black-owned businesses, small shops and independent designers wherever possible.

Every single detail -- down to the design of the branded packaging, product inserts and labels -- has been handled personally by the chicblackgreek.com small studio team. Each item is designed, manufactured, wrapped, packaged, and shipped with love - and nothing goes unnoticed! Every "favorite," message, comment, view, purchase, review, and photo is personally seen, obsessed over, and appreciated. The Chic Black Greek team thanks you for your kindness, and for doing your best to stay safe during these wildest of times! 

Please join the brand's Instagram tribe of small shops and Black Greek letter-wearers: @chicblackgreek - It's an everyday thrill to see images of you in something created by this small, BIPOC business born from friendship, creativity, and LOVE. 


Kelly + AJ.